Tribe of Christ

Through my many years of living and ministering alongside Arabs in Jordan, the powerful dynamic of tribes has been evident in almost every aspect of the life and work of the Church. These dynamics have helped a Christian church to survive for two millenniums; however, under the current pressures, the future of these Christian tribes is uncertain. A country where Jesus ministered and which had a significant Christian presence now has a Christian community representing no more than 2 percent of the population. The tribe, while providing an essential unifying value for those who are bound in a common lineage, can also provide a formidable challenge to those who want to see the Church increase to include people from different ethnic or religious backgrounds.

It became obvious to me that the tribal heritage of the Jordanian church is rooted in deep biblical traditions. Living in a culture with concepts of community that echo a biblical understanding of community, I became convinced that God has preserved in tribal traditions elements that are especially significant for breaking down barriers that currently prevent the Church from overflowing its boundaries. My academic research and interviews of Jordanian church leaders will show that there are cultural and theological aspects of tribe that can empower the Jordanian church to traverse religious boundaries that currently cripple her.

To learn more about the importance of tribal values in the future of Jordanian Christianity, enjoy my larger work on the topic available for viewing or free download here on The Book page.